Why You Should White Label With Us

  • Start your own business in 5 days with high quality hemp products.
  • Fastest way to get your private label hemp products in the market with a low minimum of 25 units. 
  • Keep virtually no inventory for your business.
  • Increase profit margin by lower startup and buy in costs. 
  • All products are USDA Organic Certified.

What is White Label? 

The market seems to be booming for Entrepreneurs. Those that own their own businesses make their own hours, choose their own products–and even choose who, where, and why they work.

But as sales increase, and sellers continue to flourish–there’s been a dire need to replace the big box stores’ middle man.


High overhead, expensive equipment, branding, and startup cost make manufacturing unrealistic for most Entrepreneurs, in many cases. “White Labeling” steps up to meet those demands, bridge the gap, and help keep online sellers and at-home marketers reeling in the cash.

Private White Label Products are products or services that’s produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) then rebrand to make their own. It’s derivative of the clean white label that comes off the manufacturing floor, ready for a company to rebrand and sell, all as their own.

It’s one of the most common practices in ecommerce business, and many types of products you already use are white labels. As a matter of fact, Amazon alone has over 100 private label brands that operate in dozens of markets on its site. Despite making up less than 1% of its total third-party sellers, it accounts for 9% of sales (in their clothing department at least).

White label product suppliers are often known to produce top quality products. Since their singular investment is in the product itself, top white label products are undiluted by chemicals, ingredients, or treatments that make goods from mass distributors “proprietary.”

Why White Label?

It’s as easy as: 

  1. Choose
  2. Ship
  3. Sell

Commercial products take longer to go through regulatory, testing, legal, and production lines. Private Label Manufacturers are ready for you to purchase, brand, and bring in cash. 

One of the biggest advantages of private labels is royalties. Many commercial manufacturers charge per product, or a royalty of each sale–locking their customers into bulky contracts and long term purchases with them.

However, with white label branding, you purchase your private label products, brand them, and then you’re done. No bulky contracts, no long term investments or shareholding–just quick, efficient, profitable turn-around. Money saved in long term production can be used then, instead, to diversify your product offering–turning your product ideas into an entire portfolio.

Private label and white label hemp manufacturing is far easier than building your own hemp products from the ground up. We’ve done the R&D, built the ingredient lists, manufactured, tested, and produced products that dozens of companies have already added to their offering portfolio. From gummies, to essential oils, to face creams, to tea–there’s an offering for your customer base.

The purpose of 5Day Private Label is to make it as simple as possible for you to choose which hemp products you want to sell–that simple. 

  1. Choose

Choose your specific product–we supply it for your business. The number of different products you offer, the price you charge your customer base, and how much you sell is entirely up to you.

Once your selection is confirmed, you’ll be invoiced the total. 

  1. Ship

Once paid, your product is shipped directly to you (or your warehouse). 

For unique branding on your products, you’ll receive a “dye line” (a label template) so you can add your logo and brand graphics to fit each offering.

  1. Sell

With product in hand, the remainder of the profit margin is yours. And if you ever run out, a representative is always on hand to expedite your next order. Simple!

Our White Label Strategy

Your business is our business. 5Day Private Label exists only to serve its buyer base the exact way they need.

Fast Turnaround, standout Product Design, and Quality & Regulation Review, are just a few of the benefits and keystones we pride ourselves in. 

We understand what it’s like to be a small business owner, we were there. Back orders, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction are crucial for ecommerce platforms. Since our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is only 25, you can order as few as 10 days before you run out of stock, giving you the freedom to hold virtually no inventory. 

Our backbone ensures your breadwin.

The 5 Day Uncompromised Quality

Unlike most white label businesses, we extract our hemp directly from our in house facility. Salt Leaf Hemp is a pioneer extraction company for Utah, and therefore a leader in quality extraction.

5Day Private Label was built on top of Salt Leaf Hemp as a means to distribute top tier hemp products, from a premier extraction company. Both facilities exist just down the road from one another. A perk that gives both the pleasure of being USDA Certified Organic Handling Facilities. Meaning, your product is registered and verified at a federal level, proudly bearing the USDA Organic seal.

Very few white label sites can guarantee the level of quality in their extraction and manufacturing process the way we do. We understand the value of brand loyalty, and the significance of credibility and respect from product, to business, to end user.

Certified: Sell easy, rest assured.

In our Quality & Regulation Review, we ensure that every product we produce is FDA compliant. We’re transparent with our manufacturing and extraction methods and standards, and inspected regularly. We follow CFR 110 and 111 standards in regards to manufacturing dietary supplements and food.

As a part of our unique templating process, we ensure that you have your City, State, Zip, Phone, and/or web address to keep your brand compliant as well.

All dietary supplements require the disclaimer, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” We’ll help you template out this disclaimer as well.

Before we print and ship, we’ll double check any and all compliance standards. Even if you want to make a statement about your product on your label, we’ll help you stay within “Structure Function” territory. No amount of sales and product claims are worth the headache the FDA can bring when you’re not in compliance. 

Now that your product is USDA Organic and FDA Certified–we’ll label your products to sell, ship them out to you, and share in your success as your top quality fan favorites fly off the shelves.

How Do I Start White Labeling

Simply visit us at Shop and get in contact with a representative, or give us a call at (888) 307-2710. We can’t wait to provide you with product and get your ideas off the ground!

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