Hemp Oral Strips: Fast, Flavorful, Effective.

Remember how amazing listerine strips were? What if those little papers could help you feel calm, collected, relaxed, and refocused? Well now, they can.

Hemp oral strips are one of the fastest and easiest ways to consume hemp products with an instantaneous effect.

What Is A Hemp Oral Strip?

Think Listerine Breath Strips, but for something that calms, refocuses, and relieves tension.

Oral strips are thin little sheets that dissolve on contact with your tongue and dissipate instantly. The only difference is that Listerine simply makes your breath fresh. In the meantime hemp oral strips pack in all the amazing benefits of the hemp plant into a quick, discrete, and delicious form that absorbs directly into your bloodstream.

Each strip is precisely dosed out and free of any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, or dyes.

Since these paper thin wafers dissolve on contact with water or saliva, they absorb directly into the bloodstream–so the effects are felt almost instantaneously!

Quick, effective, discrete, and delicious! Hemp oral strips are the coolest things since sliced bread, or day we even say, gummies!

How Do You Use A Hemp Oral Strip?

Place the strip under your tongue to let it dissolve without swallowing (may take up to 30 seconds). 

Don’t get confused though, unlike Listerine Oral Strips, you put these punchy little papers under your tongue, not on top.

If placed on top, they’ll likely need to pass through the digestive system and the effects and speed won’t be as powerful as you’d want them to be.

Although they dissolve quickly, it’s best to keep your mouth closed for 3 – 5 minutes. Sublingual absorption often triggers a lot of salivation, and you don’t want any of that goodness getting out. It’s probably best to avoid drinking or eating during that time frame as well, otherwise your saliva clings to your food and drink and, again, passes through your digestive system.

You’ll feel the effects almost instantaneously, but make sure the entire dosage is absorbed–don’t shortchange yourself with a glass of water! 

How Does It Work? 

This is where we shot ourselves in the foot for not hanging on to our Dora the Explorer copy of “Functions of the Oral Mucosa and its effects on sublingual absorption,” but hey, we all learn.

In lay terms, the top of your tongue is connected to your throat and digestive system. The bottom of your tongue is connected to your nervous system and blood stream (and yes, they absolutely serve different functions).

Placing a strip on the bottom side of your tongue causes an intense amount of salivation. As a matter of fact Native American’s used to use this technique with pebbles, leaves, and berries to stave off thirst sensations in the desert and to safely check the toxicity and safety of plants and foods.

By skipping out on the digestive process, you skip the liver and its need to metabolize all substances that pass through your body. That way you keep the full effect and dose–even certain pharmaceuticals use the sublingual membrane because of the mucosa’s extraordinary degree of permeability.

It’s all of the hemp oil benefits, without the wait, after-taste, or traditional ingestion methods!

Take that Dora!

What are the advantages?

  • Fast acting
  • Full dosage absorption
  • More consistent than smoking or vaping
  • More discreet than smoking or vaping
  • Travel friendly
  • Controlled dosage
  • Non-psychoactive

Hemp oil has also been studied and shown to be effective in many neurological aids. Some hemp oral strips can also be classified as sleep strips since they help:

  • Restore healthy sleeping patterns
  • Recover from inflammation
  • Provide a sense of calm and focus

Key Points

  • Oral Strips are discreet and effective
  • Hemp is calming, relaxing, and refocusing
  • Sublingual strips are the best method of absorption
  • Effects are quick and full dosed

Give Hemp Oral Strips a Try! Grab a pack today!

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