Are Hemp Pet Treats and Oil Safe for Dogs?

If you consider your pet a member of your family, we know you would move mountains to keep your fur baby safe, happy, and healthy. When they are staring deeply into your soul with those sweet eyes every time you leave for work, all you want to do is help them feel more content about being home alone.

And when the 4th of July rolls around, you cling to them while silently pleading that your neighbors will wrap up the show so your dog can stop shaking as you curse what is meant to be a fun activity for all. You also may know the pain of watching your best friend of 10 years struggle with sore joints while you wonder how you can make them feel better.

Loving a pet fiercely can be heartbreaking when you know they aren’t at their best which is why so many pet owners (and researchers) have started looking at hemp oil as an option for treating pain, anxiety, and other conditions. As a responsible pet owner, it is important to do your research to understand what hemp oil is, if hemp oil is safe for dogs, the potential side effects, and how to choose the best hemp oil for pets. 

Below, we answer some of the questions pet parents have about hemp oil for dogs. 

What is Hemp Oil? 

Hemp oil, also commonly referred to as hemp seed oil, is extracted from hemp which is a cannabis plant – a cousin of the marijuana plant. Hemp oil does not contain significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so it is important to know that it will never get your pet intoxicated. 

Hemp oil also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fats and all nine essential amino acids that help our bodies produce protein. Hemp seeds, which are where hemp oil is extracted from, contain important nutrients such as vitamin-c, calcium, magnesium, b-vitamins, and iron. 

Is Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs? 

While there are currently no FDA-approved hemp oil products for pets, the growing interest in hemp has prompted researchers to conduct studies on the impacts of it on people and animals. 

Based on current findings by the 2017 World Health Organization report, hemp oil in its purest state appears to be safe and well-tolerated by animals. A Cornell University-approved study also found that a dose of hemp oil consumed twice daily significantly improved mobility and produced anti-inflammation effects in large domesticated dogs affected by osteoarthritis. A research review conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center determined that current research indicates the phytocannabinoids have therapeutic potential for a variety of ailments in humans and animals. 

Research continues to better understand the benefits and risks associated with hemp oil, and available findings indicate positive results with only some instances of loose stool, gastrointestinal upset, and lethargy. 

Generally, dogs will not experience negative or severe side effects when the proper dose for their weight is provided. While veterinarians may be cautious when discussing hemp oil for pets due to the lack of FDA approval, they are a valuable resource for getting more information about what is recommended for your pet’s unique needs. 

Ways to Give Your Dog Hemp Oil 

There are many ways to give your furry friend hemp oil and what you choose will depend on what works best for you and your pet. Specially formulated dog treats are a very popular option because the hemp oil is already baked in and the milligrams of oil in each are provided on the packaging. Try 5Day Private Label Hemp Dog Treats for a 5mg hemp chew that’s made of real beef!  

You can also mix hemp oil tincture drops into your dog’s wet food or apply them to dry food and wait for the oil to absorb before serving. If your dog will comfortably allow you to put a drop directly in his/her mouth, that is also an option too. Many dogs would much rather enjoy hemp oil in a beef, chicken, or peanut butter flavored chew though!  

IMPORTANT: Never give your dog hemp oil-infused products like gummies or brownies that are intended for human consumption only. While we may love the sweet hemp oil treats, they aren’t meant for pets and may contain sugar and chocolate that aren’t meant for pups. 

Resist the urge to give in to those puppy eyes that are working their magic to steal a bite! Be sure to also store your personal hemp oil products out of reach of your human and pet children so there are no mix-ups on what’s for the adults and what’s for the kids.  

What to Look for When Buying Hemp for Pets 

When selecting hemp oil products for dogs, you will want to check the exact amount of hemp oil included. Always look for a Certificate of Analysis and ask to see it if it isn’t published on the product supplier’s website. The analysis will look for heavy metals and pathogens and if you see “NO PASS”, steer clear and consider a different brand. 

You should also avoid any brands that are making medical claims on their labels, websites, or advertisements. While research on hemp oil’s ability to treat canine medical conditions is underway, it is still limited and there are not enough conclusive studies on the subject at this time to justify medical claims. 


While research on the efficacy and safety of hemp oil pet products is still in its infancy stage, studies are underway to determine how animals can benefit from hemp oil supplementation. Talk to your vet and continue your research if you are considering adding hemp oil products to your dog’s diet. 

Pay attention to ingredients and always ask for the Certificate of Analysis for any product you are considering. If your vet recommends hemp oil for dogs, start small and see how your pet responds before continuing to offer them hemp oil treats or tinctures. Of course, every pet is different and will respond to hemp oil differently.   


If you have questions about hemp oil for dogs or you would like to add hemp oil dog treats to your brand’s product lineup, reach out to us at 5Day Private Label anytime! We’re happy to support you on your journey to incorporate hemp oil into wellness routines for yourself or your four-legged friends!

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