Hemp Oil Soft Gels – Are They Beneficial?

There’s a barrage of health benefits around every corner. Every company seems to be promoting a new supplement, with new ingredients, and new proprietary blends. Hemp oil supplements take it back to a natural, historical, healthy ground.

  • Find out what hemp soft gels are.
  • Understand the health benefits of hemp seed oil capsules.
  • Learn about where to find them and how to research them.
  • Know how hemp fits into the larger discussion of supplements as a whole.

What are Hemp Soft Gels?

America is goo-goo for gel caps. We use them to take our supplements, we use them in our laundry, we use them for pain relief, and even candy.

It’s no wonder the supplements industry was estimated to bring in $46 Billion (with a B like Bezos) in 2020. Specifically in that boom is a microcosm of its own–a cascading industry quickly building up steam.


The hemp industry (despite only having really kicked off in 2016), is expected to double the supplements total revenue in the US, and reach it’s own $36 Billion (again, B as in Bill Gates) Everest by 2026.

Leading the charge are some unusual suspects, however. Not gummies, not vapes, not chocolates, or balms–it’s oil.

That’s not atypical of the U.S. though. Just like your Vitamin E caps, or your Omega soft gels–hemp is making a name for itself in the dietary supplements closet. And since hemp is one of the most agriculturally friendly products a farmer can grow (less water and pesticides per yield than a majority of their counterparts)–there’s even research into the efficacy of eco-caps. It’s a train that’s rolling into the station fast, that you’ll want to jump on now!

Why Do People Buy Hemp Softgels?

“Okay,” you scoff and rebut, “so they’re super eco-friendly, but the blog asks if they’re beneficial!” So to the point–despite their ecological and economical advantages, the health effects of the hemp plant are, also, ecologically and economically advantageous.

The Heart of Hemp

The hemp plant can be broken down into its digestible, and non-digestible attributes. The indigestibles are psychoactive, causing mind altering effects and are often extracted from the leaves and processed into tinctures, or ground and smoked.

However, the digestibles (the parts you can actually digest for food) part of the hemp plant, is–almost everything else. The stalk, root, seeds (also known as hemp hearts) are chock full of nutrients and have extreme health advantages.

Hemp seeds can be eaten as a seed (hemp hearts) or in a similar process to olive oil, may be pressed to provide hemp oil, or hemp seed oil. And again, just like olive oil–hemp seed makes an incredibly health, vegan, cooking alternative to most fats, butters, and cultures–while maintaining the rich, thick flavor.

Because of their extremely diverse and rich nutritional offering, they can be taken as just the oil offering–which makes Hemp Softgels the fastest, easiest, and by far the healthiest way to enjoy the benefits of hemp.

Hemp Oil Benefits

When in it’s unsaturated oil form, hemp oil capsules benefits boast a fairly astounding array of vitamins and minerals:

In addition, the nature of Hemp Seed Oil capsules already being an unsaturated fat makes it an excellent source of Omega 3, without losing any of the essential fiber that’s provided in the stalks and seeds.

But it goes a step beyond just the everyday heart and brain health that Omega oils and fiber provide. Studies suggest that hemp contains compounds in the seeds that may have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory effects, while also helping to maintain the immune system.

These studies doled out that such neurological protection may even help with:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neuropathic pain
  • childhood seizure disorders

And as if heart and brain boosts weren’t enough–a few studies even pointed to the efficacy of hemp helping to manage skin problems. All of the studies above indicate that hemp oil could very well help with: Anxiety, Sleep, Depression, Inflammation and even promote therapeutic and heart health benefits. 

This is all to say, hemp isn’t “just” a supplement–it’s a historically prominent ingredient in the health and wellness of many cultures for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Hemp provides a calming sense while promoting your overall wellbeing. 

Wrap Up

Where Do I Get Them?

I get it–I love ‘em too! And while many businesses are cashing in on this booming business craze, it’s important to source your products carefully. 

Make sure you buy from reputable companies with high qualities and standards of delivery and production–like 5Day Private Label.

They’re a company that is USDA safe, FDA compliant, and grows their own hemp in house. From the seedling to softgel–they meticulously white glove every step of their process. Each of their products is precisely dosed, and hosts MCT as its carrier oil.

Plus as a white label company they don’t care about the middle man or money, they just want to get good products into the hands of those that need it.

How Many Softgels Can You Take Each Day?

Let’s finish this out by saying, no dosage is a one size fits all. There are many factors to consider: the concentration, tolerance, body weight, and even if you’re taking it with food or not.

Start any supplement with its lowest specified dosage and then increase as needed to feel the effects (though, it’s typically best to wait four to six hours in between dosing).

And lastly–do your research, make the choice for you, and more than anything else? Enjoy.

Try Hemp Oil Soft Gel Capsules Today!

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