hemp Manufacturing

5DAY Private Label is the best manufacturer in the industry when it comes to getting quality products shipping insanely fast. How is this done?

First, 5DAY began as a best-in-class extractor of hemp oil, being one of the first, and top producers in Utah. Because 5DAY controls the supply chain and because we have created efficiencies that no other company is doing, we can go from order payment to ship-ready orders in about a week. We often fill non-labeled orders in just a few days.

  • Full hemp extraction services in-house – we know what goes in your product since we made it.
  • Full A-Grade label printing systems and application
  • Product fulfillment such as oral strips, liquid filling, soft gel manufacturing, and pet treat production

Private Label vs Contract Manufacturing

As a private labeler, 5DAY has developed a core set of products after much research and development. Our products are best-in-class and are widely well regarded. Our customers (and their customers) return and re-order frequently. There is no more wasted time in development, take our award-winning formulations and add them to your brand immediately.

Contract Manufacturers work with you to create custom products that are completely unique to your brand. These products take more time and money to develop and typically have much higher order minimums. 

Private Labeler (US)

  • Keep the stock on-hand
  • Professionally apply your label (or ship un-labeled)
  • Shipped to your door lightning fast (within 5 business days)
  • R&D is done, no need to waste time and money

Contract Manufacturer

  • Custom formulate over several weeks or months.
  • Begin production by custom ordering all ingredients and components.
  • Apply your label to the product.
  • Take 4 to 8 weeks (or more) to ship your order.

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